Leadership Through the Restoration of Humanity In the Workplace

Meet Anna Oakes

CEO. Growth Strategist. Wife and Mama. Yogi. Music Geek.

As a powerful connector of people and ideas, Anna is an expert at leveraging her strengths for success – both her own and her clients.  She brings a creative and impactful approach to her partnerships. As an Advisor to companies on strategic business and culture growth, she provides counsel to companies to achieve their best next.  As a Leadership and Growth Coach, Anna is also able to bring these same principles to light for individual growth.

With a mission to restore humanity together, Anna’s work focuses on accomplishing business goals through deeper connections with self, others and the organization.  Her approach focuses on understanding where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going.  Knowing which strengths should be leveraged and what role is needed of you now is the key to her clients impact.

Anna’s approach incorporates over 20 years of leadership, knowledge and experience with her passion for restoring humanity and holistic growth.  Her ability to build trust, help leaders get to the heart of what matters and create lasting impact has earned her the partnership of small, mid- and large-sized companies.

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What We Do.

Building powerful connections with self, others and within organizations through strategic advising and coaching.

Growth & Leadership

Anna is often asked to partner with a team or organization to enhance their culture during:

  • The start-up phase
  • Times of change and growth
  • Manage a specific change that is occurring

Past successes have included CEO and leadership selection, onboarding and transitions, technology selection and implementation, acquisitions, economic or industry shifts and engagement/performance.  Anna’s proudest moments are when a leader reclaims their voice and is able to accomplish more with less effort and more impact.


Anna’s executive coaching focuses on individual and group coaching that provides the tools and resources needed, as well as defining and leveraging their leadership voice for impact. Her individual coaching focuses on founders, C-suite and entrepreneurs and their direct reports, while her group coaching works with groups of 3+ leaders to improve their effectiveness, engagement and leadership management throughout the organization.

Workshops & Speaking

Through her signature keynotes and workshops designed with the clients’ needs in mind, Anna shares her energy and passion for restoring humanity through grounded knowledge of self, strengths-based working and living and leveraging those for an aligned future. She’s your growth coach, ready to help your leaders and organization thrive.

Topics have included:

  • Leading Through Engagement
  • Finding Your Flow and Sustaining It
  • Leveraging Your Past, Owning Your Present and Designing Your Future
  • Strengths-based Leadership and Living

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