Either Quit Your Job OR REENGAGE In Your Work!

You’ve spent enough time on the outskirts, playing it safe.  I know you’re tired and discouraged. I’ve been there. But sitting on the bench is wasting your talent and hindering good work from getting done – are you probably aren’t experiencing any career growth!  Step onto the field and play your heart out.   If […]


Reclaim Your Voice At Work

Companies are diligent about sharing their values, big goals and often even the rules of engagement.  These are typically pretty straightforward. What can be confusing are the unspoken rules at work. The underlying messages that exist, but aren’t shared, can jam us up in both our work and in our work relationships. Over time, we […]


3 Powerful Ways To Resolve Workplace Drama Through REFRAMING

If you’re human, you’ve got issues.  That’s not an insult, it’s a truth.  You’re human and fallable. You’re also surrounded by humans who are fallable and imperfect. That means conflict/drama WILL arise, even – or especially? – at work.  There is power in reframing your encounters to navigate the wonderfully maddening humanness that is inevitable. When negative encounters happen […]


INTRApreneurs: Ideas to Impact

Opionated. Creative. You never stay in your lane. Business savvy.   Unhappy with the job you were given. Entrepreneurial. IN·TRA·pre·neur/ˌintrəprəˈnər/noun Individuals working for an organization who display creative or entrepreneurial strengths. Idea person. Desire to be leveraged. Often misunderstood resource. Do you know an INTRApreneur? Are you an INTRApreneur? They Call You The “Idea Girl,” […]

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